Installing nVidia linux drivers in a xen enabled kernel

I have had a CentOS system for a while that is configured to be my mythtv system, however since it has so much resources I first ran a few VMWare servers on it, but being a young FOSS adept I decided to see if I could run xen on it as well.

One of the bottlenecks I stumbled upon was the fact that the NVidia linux kernel drivers do not run under a xen kernel, at least not with a little tweaking. I was succesful in compiling and loading them for the first time in 2008 following the advice found in the article Running Binary nVidia Drivers under Xen Host at My first successful result can be seen there as well.

Until now I am still able to able to do this trick on the latest CentOS kernel (2.6.18-128.2.1.el5xen) and one of the latest nVidia drivers (185.18.29).

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My own server

Since a few years I have been interested in SME Server and since a few months I have my own domain and my own server using SME Server. You can find me at
SME Server is based on CentOS and is a highly flexible but easy to manage Linux flavoured server. Among many things it holds a webserver and a database server.