Installing Adobe PPD drivers on SME Server

First download the Adobe Postscript drivers for Windows from the website of Adobe.

Extract the executable using winrar or another tool than can extract zipped executables.

Copy the files in the WinXP folder to your server and remember where your put them. I created the following directory (/usr/share/cups/drivers/) and put them there.
After you have done that you might have to create a Samba administrator user;

When you have created your Samba administrator user you can copy the files using a command like this where you fill in the correct path and the username and password of your Samba administrator user:

smbclient //localhost/print$ -N -U'username%password' -c \ 
'mkdir W32X86; \ 
put /usr/share/cups/drivers/DEFPRTR2.PPD W32X86/DEFPRTR2.PPD; \ 
put /usr/share/cups/drivers/PS5UI.DLL W32X86/PS5UI.DLL; \ 
put /usr/share/cups/drivers/PSCRIPT5.DLL W32X86/PSCRIPT5.DLL; \ 
put /usr/share/cups/drivers/PSCRIPT.HLP W32X86/PSCRIPT.HLP'

After pressing return it should copy the drivers to the Samba print$ share, which looks something like this:

Domain=[SIMPSONS] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.10-1.4E.12.2] NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_COLLISION making remote directory \W32X86 putting file /usr/share/cups/drivers/DEFPRTR2.PPD as \W32X86/DEFPRTR2.PPD (286.4 kb/s) (average 286.4 kb/s) putting file /usr/share/cups/drivers/PS5UI.DLL as \W32X86/PS5UI.DLL (3315.8 kb/s) (average 1656.9 kb/s) putting file /usr/share/cups/drivers/PSCRIPT5.DLL as \W32X86/PSCRIPT5.DLL (3933.6 kb/s) (average 2962.8 kb/s) putting file /usr/share/cups/drivers/PSCRIPT.HLP as \W32X86/PSCRIPT.HLP (1210.8 kb/s) (average 2794.1 kb/s)

After that we have to add the copied files to the driver database of Samba. This can be done with the following command (again fill in your username and password for your Samba administrator user).

rpcclient localhost -N -U'username%password' -c 'adddriver "Windows NT x86" \ 

After hitting return this should put the following message on your screen:

Printer Driver AdobePPD successfully installed.

Now we still need to define the driver for our PDF printer, which I created using the smeserver-cups contrib. This can be done with the following command (again supplying the username and password of your Samba administrator):

rpcclient localhost -N -U'username%password' -c 'setdriver PDF AdobePPD'

If succesfull this should output:

Succesfully set PDF to driver AdobePPD.

Now navigate to your server and right click on the printer. Choose the Connect option and the drivers should now be automatically installed for this printer.


  1. Novell’s Cool Solutions: How to Configure Automatic Printer Driver Download by Integrating CUPS and SAMBA
  2. Adobe Postscript drivers for Windows


The development of SME Server uses Mezzanine for easy access to their
software repositories.

More information on building packages with Mezzanine cen be found at

smeserver-subversion 1.2 released

It has been a while, but there is a new release of smeserver-subversion. The package fixes the following bugs:

  • bug 2169: Add httpd.conf to templates2expand/services2adjust for user and group events
  • bug 2205: Remove next button from first server-manager panel

On top of that I moved the package to the SME Server CVS. As a effect of that the package is now available in the SME dev repository, this means you should be able to install SubVersion for SME Server like this from the SME Server shell:

yum install smeserver-subversion 

Upgrading from previous versions should not be a problem, if for some reason you have issues with this contrib please post your remarks and comments in the SME Contribs section of the SME Server bugtracker.

New release (1.0-5) of smeserver-subversion available

A new release of smeserver-subversion (1.0-5) is available fixing bugs 1915 and 1916. Installation instructions van be found here.

Reporting bugs for smeserver-subversion

If you discover a bug in smeserver-subversion please report it to the bugtracker. This way all bugs will be documented at one location, and all users can access the information concerning smeserver-subversion. Click here to access the contribs subsection of the bugtracker immediately.

My own server

Since a few years I have been interested in SME Server and since a few months I have my own domain and my own server using SME Server. You can find me at
SME Server is based on CentOS and is a highly flexible but easy to manage Linux flavoured server. Among many things it holds a webserver and a database server.

Back on-line…

After a severe server crash during my holidays I have now managed to recover all most all critical data (Yeah don’t tell me how to backup I know how it works, rather remind me to do so :-) ).