smeserver-subversion-1.3-5 released

As soon as mirrors sync you will find the lastest release of smeserver-subversion in the SME Contribs repository.

The following bugs are fixed in smeserver-subversion-1.3-5:

  • bug 3694: DESCRIPTION_HAS_INVALID_CHARS is not translated in en-us locale
  • bug 3698: (Temporarily) disabled sanity check on repository description

The following new features are available in smeserver-subversion-1.3-5:

Open issues:

  • bug 3810: (Updates to the) French (fr) translation
  • bug 3814: Spanish translation
  • bug 2967: Allow to select advertised (sub)domain

Please report all wishes, errors or bugs to the bugtracker in the SME Contribs category against the smeserver-subversion.

smeserver-subversion 1.2-9 released

Since the new SME Contribs repository is in place (as of smeserver-yum-1.2.0-41) and the latest package providing it to SME Servers automatically is pushed to the mirrors I moved my package to the new repository. This will also decommission my repository as there is a better more stable location to provide my contrib.

The latest version is smeserver-subversion-1.2-9 and provides a bug fix as well.

  • bug 3008: Description doesn’t allow characters with accents

To install get SME Server shell access as root user on your SME Server and install this command:

yum install smeserver-subversion --enablerpo=smecontribs

Smeserver-subversion 1.2-8 released

Yesterday I released a new version of my subversion contrib for SME Server. This release fixes two bugs:

  • bug 3079: UUID equal in all repositories
  • bug 3034: Subversion translation: french

The contrib can be installed from the SME dev repository, for more details see the Subversion page in the SME Server wiki, or take a look at this article.

smeserver-subversion 1.2 released

It has been a while, but there is a new release of smeserver-subversion. The package fixes the following bugs:

  • bug 2169: Add httpd.conf to templates2expand/services2adjust for user and group events
  • bug 2205: Remove next button from first server-manager panel

On top of that I moved the package to the SME Server CVS. As a effect of that the package is now available in the SME dev repository, this means you should be able to install SubVersion for SME Server like this from the SME Server shell:

yum install smeserver-subversion 

Upgrading from previous versions should not be a problem, if for some reason you have issues with this contrib please post your remarks and comments in the SME Contribs section of the SME Server bugtracker.

smeserver-subversion 1.1 released

This contrib implements subversion for SME Server 7.

Installation instructions can be found here:

This version fixes the following issues:

  • bug 1953: Authentication doesn’t appear to work for groups
  • bug 2073: User permissions bug (with fix)
  • bug 2138: Remove double quotes around user and groups in httpd.conf template 28SubversionContent

Please report all bugs for this contrib in the bugtracker.